Healthcare industry

eProc Solutions is a software solution that is designed to help organizations manage their IT support more efficiently. One of the advanced features of eProc is the Emergency Alert Messages (EAM), which is particularly beneficial for the Healthcare industry, including hospitals. Here are some reasons why eProc is good for the healthcare industry:

Efficient IT support: With eProc, hospitals and healthcare organizations can improve the efficiency of their IT support team. eProc enables the service desk team to close tickets quickly, without remote control, and resolve most common problems in under one minute. This means that technicians can resolve more tickets, resulting in faster resolution times and improved user satisfaction.

Enhanced security and privacy: eProc’s unique framework allows service desk technicians to stream all required information from the remote computer without remote control, which means the technician does not see or need to see the end-user screen. This feature is particularly important in the healthcare industry, where sensitive information, such as patient information, medical information, and financial information, needs to be protected.

Advanced Emergency Alert Messages: eProc EAM offers healthcare organizations the ability to create and send predefined SMS text messages to mobile phones and customizable popup alert messages, which can be highly beneficial in emergency situations. These messages can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization, and can include details such as the type of emergency and the expected injuries. For example:

Personal EAM:

Active shooter in progress. Prepare for multiple gunshot injuries and triage patients accordingly.

Efficient incident management:
Personal EAM allows for the tracking and management of incident response, ensuring timely and efficient handling of incidents.

By providing clear and concise information in emergency situations, eProc EAM can help healthcare organizations to respond quickly and effectively, potentially saving lives and minimizing the impact of the emergency.

Rapid response: eProc EAM immediately shows the alert message popup and sends text messages, enabling healthcare organizations to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies.

In summary, eProc Solutions can help hospitals and healthcare organizations improve their IT support efficiency, enhance security and privacy, and respond quickly to emergency situations with advanced alert messaging features.