Defense industry

eProc is an ideal solution for the Defense industry due to its unique framework and ability to resolve most common problems in under one minute and without remote control. As a result, eProc can assist the Defense industry’s service desk team in improving their productivity and efficiency without compromising security.

One of the most significant benefits of eProc for the Defense industry is that it ensures data security. With eProc’s ability to stream all required information from the remote computer without remote control, technicians can resolve issues without seeing sensitive information on the end-user’s screen. This feature is particularly important in the Defense industry, where sensitive information must be kept confidential and secure.

Moreover, eProc’s fast resolution time of under one minute is crucial for the Defense industry as it enables service desk technicians to resolve more tickets in less time. The Defense industry typically faces a high volume of support requests, and eProc’s ability to resolve up to 80 tickets per day can significantly improve the service desk’s productivity.

Overall, eProc is a valuable solution for the Defense industry, allowing them to maintain data security while improving service desk productivity and efficiency.

Personal EAM:

eProc can securely stream information from remote computers without remote control, protecting sensitive data and classified information.
With eProc, service desk technicians can resolve common problems in under one minute, increasing the efficiency of the IT service desk team and enabling a faster response time.
With eProc, the defense industry can benefit from increased productivity and efficiency, reducing downtime and increasing overall effectiveness.
The unique framework of eProc allows service desk technicians to resolve issues without remote control, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive systems.
eProc can be customized to meet the specific needs of the defense industry, providing tailored solutions for unique challenges.
eProc provides exceptional implementation and support, ensuring that the defense industry can rely on the software to maintain their critical systems.