Hello, Help Desk?!


Without eProc...

Waiting on the Help Desk Your users are frustrated by the help desk, particularly those “frequent callers”. And who can blame them? Work interruptions destroy productivity. They kill flow. And they are robbing your company of everyone’s best.

Yesterday’s Best You’re using today’s best solutions, right? A ticketing system, remote control (LogMeIn, VNC, Bomgar, Microsoft Lync), cloud solutions, and tools like task manager and scripts. Your users don’t care. They only care about their problem. Yesterday’s best isn’t going to be good enough for much longer...

With eProc....

Just Fix It
Why do you have to interrupt the user at all? What if you could solve user problems before they even knows they have them? You should know about eProc

Sceptics Welcome
You don’t believe there is that much waste in your help desk. And we can absolutely prove to you there is. See the demo and decide for yourself. Don’t you deserve to know how much time you could have back?