Banking and finance industry

eProc’s software can help finance and banking organizations optimize their service desk operations. With eProc’s unique framework, service desk technicians can resolve most common problems in under one minute and without remote control. This leads to a significant increase in efficiency, allowing technicians to resolve around 80 tickets a day, which is eight times more than the typical 10 tickets a day without eProc.

Moreover, eProc Solutions offers a software solution that is particularly useful for the finance and banking industry. Their Personal EAM console, integrated with their larger eProc system, provides real-time alerts and detailed information about end-users who may have triggered a panic button. This allows security teams to quickly respond and provide assistance in emergency situations.

Personal (EAM) Emergency Actions Messages

Quickly alert the security center of a potential threat, allowing for a rapid response to emergencies. This can be particularly important in the finance and banking industry, where security is of the utmost importance.

The ability to track and manage the steps and response flow of an alert can help ensure that incidents are handled in a timely and efficient manner.

Personal EAM’s detailed information about the end-user who triggered the alert can help security personnel quickly locate and communicate with the individual in question.

The ability to customize the location and appearance of the panic button icon can make it more convenient and accessible for end-users.

Using eProc in the finance and banking industry can provide various benefits such as:

Faster ticket resolution:
With eProc’s unique framework, service desk technicians can resolve most common problems in under one minute and without remote control, allowing them to close tickets faster.

Increased productivity:
The service desk team can resolve more tickets per day, resulting in increased productivity, as a technician can resolve around 90 tickets a day using eProc, compared to the average of 10 tickets without it.

eProc can reduce the need for additional service desk staff, as the team can handle a larger volume of tickets with the same resources. Additionally, eProc’s automation solution can help reduce operational costs.

Improved user experience:
eProc allows end-users to quickly and easily report issues using the Personal EAM, which can lead to a better user experience and increased satisfaction.

Overall, eProc can provide the finance and banking industry with a powerful tool to enhance their service desk operations, improve user experience, increase productivity, and reduce costs.