Control Center

Control Center is the very foundation of the eProc platform of solutions. Designed and developed to achieve the same professional results as an outsourced service provider, Control Center is an easy-to-use, intuitive system that eliminates the need for remote screen sharing.

With Control Center, the IT team can quickly and easily fix most help desk issues without having to dig through an employee’s computer or interrupting their work.

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Immediate Benefits

  • Up to 20% reduction in IT issues
  • Reduces IT Help Desk support times by 50%
  • Eliminates downtime

Common Help Desk issues that can be easily fixed with Control Center

Computer is Running Slow
A computer’s performance can be slowed by many factors, including multiple sessions running concurrently, prolonged uptime, high CPU utilization and more. All these issues can be diagnosed and fixed immediately from the Control Center dashboard.






Backup & Restore User Profiles
The User Profile tab in our dashboard gives you a visual overview of all profiles on the network, allowing your Helpdesk to easily back up, delete and restore any profile without the need for special permissions or screen sharing.




Join or Rejoin Computers to the Domain

 Using Control Center, you can see and change the connection state of any computer with the domain, so it’s simple to add a computer without having an IT technician log on to an actual machine.




Create Your Own Custom Commands 

Control Center gives you the ability to create your own menu of Custom Commands. Consolidate your tools and scripts to either run locally or remotely for either the computer or the user.





Detect & Diagnose Slow Logon Times

If it is taking a user a long time to log on to their machine, Control Center provides a full visual breakdown for each part of the logon process, allowing you to locate any problems and resolve them accordingly.


Advantages of Control Center


  • Significant financial savings
  • Reduced support times
  • More efficient, capable and professional Help Desk

IT Department

  • Tickets take less time to solve
  • Easy to use/intuitive interface
  • Expands IT’s technical knowledge base
  • Increased security; eliminates the necessity for special permissions

End User

  • Issues are resolved quickly and professionally with no downtime
  • Increased productivity with fewer disruptions