eProc is the Help Desk expert. We dig deep into the technologies our customers rely on to fill in the gaps and enhance their reliability. The leading technologies that run your organization are also the failure points where we make the biggest difference. eProc actively partners with key technology companies like Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix to extend their capabilities and proactively anticipate your users’ support needs.


You use Citrix to help you consolidate applications, systems, and environments in one location. The problem is that Citrix doesn’t manage all of those user environments. eProc pulls it all together for you. See all sessions on all Citrix machines, search them, and manage them together, or quickly identify an individual user’s problem so you can fix it fast.


As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we take part in joint initiatives with Microsoft and access higher levels of support and training to give our customers access to Microsoft’s most advanced technologies and resources. eProc lets you see every user session in real time. eProc’s Virtual Technician guarantees that mission critical applications are available when needed.