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eProc didn’t start out at the help desk. We started on the systems side, helping with performance management in the early 2000’s. There’s traditionally a gap between systems and help desk. One day, eProc’s founder Oren Rosen was talking to a help desk manager at a customer location. “When I saw the processes he was using, I realized how neglected the help desk is. I saw how eager they were to help, but how beaten down they were, and I started to care.”

“I thought about some capabilities I had built focused on the systems side, and determined to move that technology over to the help desk.” The help desk never got prioritized for resources, and no one had bothered to build a solution for their real problems. “I started building eProc step by step around their day-to-day tickets.” It turned out that the ticket itself didn’t matter. There were common problems that ran across all kinds of tickets. “Instead of trying to catch all the leaks with buckets, I wanted to go to the source and patch the leak. I learned this approach in the Israeli air force. To get to the ‘why’ behind the problem, so you can look at it differently.”

eProc grew quickly, managing thousands of computers at client locations around the globe. The company entered the US market in 2017 and is driving help desk efficiency with a suite of products unmatched in help desk innovation. What drives that innovation has been a clear focus on helping the help desk with day-to-day challenges.

“A longtime eProc client was consolidating users across multiple networks.” During the process, they were getting 75 tickets per minute – basically everyone in the company. To help out, the systems manager started answering calls at the help desk. “He reached out to us for access to eProc, logged in, created a new policy in the system, and in less than a minute, tickets dropped from 75 per minute to 2.”

“At another client location, we watched as a help desk technician was remote logging in to help a user.” The user hadn’t updated their anti-virus software, so their computer was automatically locked down. “We learned this was a common problem, and since users were frequently away from their machines, it took hours to days to get access and help them. We wrote a quick command in eProc to update the anti-virus without remote login. It took about 20 seconds. The technician was so excited he stood up and cheered.” Now when a computer gets locked down, they update the machine without remote log in, wait a few seconds, and it’s done. Tickets that took days to fix are now done in seconds.

Solving challenges like these inspire us to keep innovating. We’re not going to stop until every help desk benefits from the technology breakthrough that eProc makes possible.

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