So you’re going to keep giving them unlimited access to remote machines with zero visibility into what they’re doing? If you don’t, they’ll keep sending you all those tickets they can’t solve.

Don’t tell, but eProc is secretly a systems company. Our developers are longtime systems guys, so we take a systems approach to one of the biggest failure points we see in IT organizations: the unloved Service Desk. We know you don’t want to give a powerful new tool to the Service Desk. “They don’t have the expertise, it takes time to train them, they can break things without us having control.” It’s the exact opposite. Today, they can do anything on a remote machine—they can break everything. You can’t monitor that, fix it, or even know it’s going on. Why give the Service Desk that power? With eProc you make access “right-sized” and fix a huge systems liability.


Tickets escalate because the Service Desk doesn’t have the expertise to effectively solve them. eProc elevates the Service Desk, providing clear, intuitive tools packed with expertise from Systems. Stop escalating tickets—eProc gives you full control and visibility of all service desk actions. They get powerful tools, and you get peace of mind.


We fix the Service Desk, but you get a whole lot more too. You don’t have to train the help desk —we do. You don’t have to fix a delicate tool—we have years of satisfied clients who know eProc stands behind our product. We even walk you through our automation products when you’re ready to move to the next level.