Demand better than the “industry standard”. Today’s service desk sends a message. It says: “Our executive time isn’t important” and “our customers can wait”. Is that the message you want?

There are huge opportunities for value in the unloved Service Desk. If you’re still sending technicians out to service machines, if your tickets take the “industry average” time to close, if you’re suffering from “industry standard” turnover at the service desk, if tickets are escalating to the next level, if your executives still have to create tickets because monitoring doesn’t automatically solve their problems—then there are savings you haven’t started to take advantage of yet. When your employees are waiting on the Service Desk, they aren’t serving your customers. And there’s no better way to drive R.O.I. than taking that time back. When your Service Desk is powered by eProc, it says: “Our employee time is incredibly valuable” and “Our customers get immediate attention”.

Opportunity Costs

Executive downtime is lost money. That loss multiplies when those execs struggle with IT problems instead of reaching out to your customers. Your organization’s needs keep growing, and IT is expected to keep doing more with less. It’s a bad pattern that gets worse if you don’t focus on getting ahead by fixing the Service Desk right.

Quick R.O.I

New eProc customers are always shocked at just how fast the value starts kicking in. Literally the first minute that eProc is active starts the savings, allowing eProc to pay for itself within months. After that it’s pure savings, month after month, year after year. That’s why eProc has intense customer loyalty.