Virtual Technician

Virtual Technician is a fully automated service that not only proactively identifies and fixes IT issues, but also enables your IT department to establish network policies and protocols to ensure system-wide compliance – all in real time.

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Immediate Benefits

  • Up to 20% reduction in IT issues
  • Reduces IT Help Desk support times by 30%
  • Eliminates downtime

Key Features

  • Simplify Processes & Eliminate Scripts

Virtual Technician provides a simple graphic interface that looks the same across all policies, eliminating the need for scripts. With Virtual Technician, you have the flexibility to decide what, when, how and where to perform each task.


  • Ensure Compliance

DWhen moving from session to session, Virtual Technician automatically makes any necessary modifications to the policies and settings while ensuring compliance. This is done in real time, seamlessly in the background, with no need to log off and on.


  • Apply Policies in Real Time

With Virtual Technician, the end user does not have to do anything to apply new or modified policies. These are also done behind the scenes and in real time.


  • Automatically Fix IT Issues

One of the fundamental features of Virtual Technician is its ability to pre-empt and fix IT related problems. The software is designed to constantly and intuitively monitor for faults and anomalies, and resolve any issues that are discovered.

Advantages of Virtual Technician


  • Faster issue resolution
  • Automatic problem solving
  • Increase efficiency by having a Virtual Technician servicing every desktop
  • Maintain business continuity with our organizational compliance capabilities

IT Department

  • Overall ease of use
  • Intuitive and real-time solutions
  • No need for scripts
  • Help Desk Support continuity

End User

  • Minimal to no downtime from support issues
  • Like having your own personal IT technician
  • Increased productivity and efficiency