Performance Management

One of the most important things IT needs to do for an organization is to maximize workload with existing resources. With our Performance Management solution, you can now easily enhance the performance of the servers and workstations across the entire network, and optimize memory and CPU usage, without impairing user experience.

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Immediate Benefits

  • Improve IT infrastructure performance by 30%
  • Reduce IT spending by up to 40%
  • Increase your ratio of users per server

Key Features

  • See in real time how resources are being used across your entire organization
  • Create policies to optimize memory for selected programs
  • Create policies to optimize and balance CPU and prevent system lock-down
  • Dynamically locate and lock active applications on idle sessions

Advantages of Performance Management


  • Proven resource-related savings
  • Increased speed, capacity and memory on existing machines
  • Greater productivity and less downtime

IT Department

  • No need for consistent and continual servicing
  • One time set ups for¬†different policies to manage programmes that need to be optimized
  • Policy changes only required when new applications are introduced or modified

End User

  • A better overall user experience