Licenses Management

Organizations have an opportunity to save a significant amount of money by reviewing their software licensing. Our License Management solution was developed to save your company money by eliminating the need to purchase unnecessary or additional licenses, while allowing your business to make the most of your existing licenses.

Software licenses can be a huge expense, and if licenses are not being used to their full extent, that can negatively impact your bottom line.

With License Management, floating licenses that are open but inactive can be locked without losing any data. This allows the release of the license, so someone else can use it.

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Immediate Benefits

  • Manage Software Licenses More Efficiently
  • Reduce licensing costs up to 40%

Key Advantages


  • Significant financial savings
  • Streamlined licensing arrangements
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

IT Department

  • Maximize license utilization
  • Fewer licensing-related issues

End User

  • Minimal to no down time